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Artist / Photographer Enno Rijpma (The Hague, 1944) is known for his monumental photographic work, in which balance and color play the leading role.

Until about 13 years ago Rijpma -as a photographer and as a writer- was responsible for long running portrait series in printed media, until he, at the suggestion of Wim Pijbes (former director of The Rijksmuseum) , started a career as a visual artist.

His work is characterized by a great sense of balanced composition and use of color. Inspired by works from Piet Mondriaan (see “84 colored rooms” , “privacy”), Maurits Escher (as in “up or down” , circulation one”) and Andreas Gursky (“just gone”, “iron web”), buildings, interiors and landscapes get in his interpretation a completely different character. Everyday subjects become special: a simple wooden railing arrests the eye of the beholder, because the perspective is deliberately shifted.

Curiosity meets confusion. Optimism and humor play a fundamental role and produce spectacular works. From any coincidence a work can arise, which is clearly visible in “The Colors of Enno”, the result of a year-long journey around the world, which he made, in complete artistic freedom, for AkzoNobel, the world’s largest paint company.

Lately, editing the photographes has taken his work to more abstract images (“the sun always rises”). The original image is almost unrecognizable. “Painting with my computer on the pixels of
reality’, he calls it.

His most surprising motto?
“Ugliness exists only if you do not look close enough.

Rijpma’s work is acquired by numerous art collections.

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